Fuck Yeah! Ryan Keith Follese'

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Read this before asking! (also check our Q&A tag

How old is RK?/ Where is he from?/ Where does his last name come from? 

He’s 24 as of June 2011. He was born on February 16th, 1987 in Los Angeles, CA. His ancestors are from Norway and France. Check his bio for further info.

What is RK’s tumblr?/ Twitter?


Does he have a girlfriend?/ Is he single?/ Is he married?/ Is he gay?
Please, know that we are NOT going to answer any questions related to his private life. That’s none of our business. Plus, these kind of questions always bring up problems so it’s better to stay away from them. So we ask you to, please, refrain from asking any kind of personal question about RK. 

How do you pronounce RK’s last name?


How tall is RK?

About 5’9

Does he have other siblings other than Jamie?

Yes, they have a younger sister named Julianna, though they call her Anna. 

Which are RK’s favorite colors?

Black and red

What does RK’s chest tattoo say?/ Where’d it come from?

It says: “Dream with my eyes open
Sleep when I’m dead
Love who my heart’s chosen
Conquer what lies ahead” 
Ryan wrote it himself when he was younger. 

How many tattoos does he have?

He has 12 tattoos (as of March 2012):
1, 2 & 3. "Dream with my eyes open […] & two stars (On his chest)
4. Star (Behind his right ear) 
5. Cross (On his back)
6. "To thine own self be true" (On his left arm) 
7. "MMVIII" (On his left arm) - This means 2008, which is the year they got signed. The whole band got this tattooed.
8. "Brodre" (On his right wrist) - This means brothers in Norwegian. Jamie also has one.
9. Another tattoo (On his right arm): 1 | 2
10. Sun with clouds, two doves and a locked heart (On his right arm)
11.  "777" lottery slot machine (On his right arm)
12. "Let […]" (On his right arm) Note: We assume it says ‘Let It Be’. There aren’t clear pictures of it yet.

PO Box: 

Hot Chelle Rae 340020 Nashville TN, 37203

Do the other guys have tumblrs?

Yes, they do:
Nash - http://nashoverstreet.tumblr.com/
Jamie - http://jfol.tumblr.com/
Ian - http://iankeaggy.tumblr.com/

How old is Jamie/ Ian/ Nash? When’s his birthday?

Nash is 26. Bday: January 3rd, 1986
Jamie is 20. Bday: December 30th, 1991
Ian is 24. Bday: June 16th, 1987
(As of January 2012)

What is Miracle Drug?

It’s Ryan and Nash’s old band (the other two guys were Jonathan and Rob).

Does he prefer being called RK or Ryan?

He used to introduce himself as RK before the Tonight Tonight madness, now he goes by just Ryan. I don’t know which one he likes better, I assume he likes both. As of why he’s no longer called RK, it was because Taylor Swift tweeted about HCR and called him “Ryan” instead of RK when they played with her Tonight Tonight at Staples back in August 2011. So he goes by Ryan now because it’s easier to find him on the internet this way.

Does he have any pets? If so which are their names?

He has one cat named Superman and two dogs. One is called Sgt. Pepper and the other is Demo.

What are HCR fans called?

RK said that he always calls us ‘Firestarters’ because ‘it suits the wildfire like spread of music’ (he tweeted this back in 2010). But now that their music is all over the world, since 2011 it seems that they call us ‘Hot Chelle Raeliens’.